Welcome to The Navy Teacher! I am so excited you are here. My student’s call me Ms. G and I teach high school social studies! My sweet husband is in the US Navy and this is my story of entering military life, starting my career, loving God, and hoping to make a small difference in this world.

I am originally from a small coastal town in Southern California and have lived all over the country and the world, from Argentina to Switzerland to Washington D.C. Currently, I live in the beautiful mountains just outside of Denver, Colorado.

I am passionate about teaching, a healthy lifestyle, and practicing reckless optimism! I am fueled by iced coffee, inspired by shades of blue, and firmly believe in the power of tacos, country music, and Jesus.

Since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I love watching the joy when they crush an assignment, hearing their life stories, and helping them achieve their goals! Currently, I teach high school social studies in Colorado and am earning my masters in Curriculum and Instruction! I love to collaborate and create engaging lessons so I develop 90% of the lessons I teach from scratch - and I love sharing ideas with others! 

Thank you so much for reading a long! I am so excited to share our journey with you - the highs, the lows, and the in-between moments that make life so sweet. I hope you can grab an iced coffee, a comfy blanket, and explore my little space of the world.



I hope you are having a wonderful day! I love hearing from people, about their life stories, passions, and experiences! Say hello and send me a message!!

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