Airport Tips and Packing Hacks

I love going to the airport. Maybe it's the idea that you can get on a plane and go anywhere in world. Or the sense of safety. Or the people watching as everyone is off to a new destination. Lately I've been thinking about a few airport tips and packing hacks that I have learned so far.

Airport Tips and Packing Hacks

Last year when I went on a family vacation on a cruise for one whole month, I barely had enough room in my suitcase to get everything there. After making purchases in Italy and then deciding it'd be fun to keep every single glass bottle we were given and pack that, I knew the suitcase back would be different. So, I learned from my overflowing suitcase and found an easy way to make everything work! I used these same ideas while moving to college too! From my previous travels and love of airports, I have picked up on a few very helpful airport tips and packing hacks that help make for a more efficient flight and make traveling life so much easier. 

Airport Tips 

  •  You are charged by the weight of the checked bag (generally 50 lbs or more is charged) But!! You are not charged by the weight of the carry on bags, so as long as you fit size measures, stuff as many things in there as you can.- Also, you get one backpack/suitcase and one purse/bag. FILL THOSE UP FIRST IT'S CHEAPER.


  • Keep all your electronics in an easy access place. You will feel super rushed while going through airport security, so make it easy access to your computer, phone, iPod, camera, etc...even just carry your computer in your hand or take it out while you waiting in line. It will save you time later, and TSA loves it when you are fast and efficient.


  • Wear flip flops (or slipper or sandels or Jack Rodgers, whatever floats your boat) as long as it is easy to put and off.- Be as polite as possible but don't be a kiss up. nobody likes that guy.


  • Buy snacks! especially for long flights. The airplane food is gross and can make you feel weighed down and feeling gross, which is exactly the opposite you want when sitting on a plane for 5+ hours. I love getting health bars and granola or train mix. 


Packing Hacks

  • Find two corners in your suitcase the are close to each other, either the length or the width, and lay each pant on either side of that corner so the belt part is in the middle of the two sides. Lay the ends of the pants over the edge so it is hanging out side of the suitcase. Put one pant on each half and stack them based on how many pants you have. Now roll your t-shirts and put them on top of the pants, but make sure the legs are still hanging over the edge of the suitcase. put as may clothes as you can fit along the top of side of with pants. When you have  a little space left, fold the pant legs over so they are coming all of the shirts. TA DA! 

  • Place things in plastic bags and empty the air out. It compresses it and leaves more room. 

  • Make sure everything is in the same color platte. 

  • Don't be afraid to not bring something. You aren't hurting it's feelings. Also, if you had to remind yourself to bring it a few times then it's not super important (this has to do with clothes mainly) 


Good luck and have a safe flight!