Pisa, Italy

The most renown site in Pisa is by far The Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

Friday morning began with an early morning train ride to Pisa from Florence. As the most known site in Pisa, the Leaning Tower is the only site in Pisa. We were there for less than two hours and were able to see most of the city and do the classic and completely necessary Leaning Tower of Pisa pictures. 


Last year, I went on a three week European cruise with my family. At the port of Livorno (the port for Pisa and for Cinque Terre) my parents decided we would take a day trip to Cinque Terre and not Pisa. At first I was slightly disappointed because I just had to have my Pisa picture. I loved the Cinque Terre trip and didn't regret their decision and after visiting Pisa now, I furthermore approve of it (yay mom and dad). 

Pisa was great for a quick two hour stop. At first it was a little confusing as to where exactly we should after getting on the train. From the train station (Pisa Centrale), you only need to take two streets. If you walk straight out if the train station and continue straight, cross a bridge over a river, and walk to end of the straight road. The road curves and you can either go all the way left or a right. Go left. And walk for a little bit and you will see the tower. It was a ten minute walk. 

The one part of that surprised me was all of the shopping choices. 

If you have to pick between Pisa and Florence, Florence has better shopping but if you're in Pisa for the day, there's plenty of shopping. 

Now don't get me wrong Pisa was a lot of fun. I loved taking pictures at the leaning tower of Pisa and walking around for a few hours. I personally think any longer would have been too much.