Callier Chocolate Factory, Switzerland

Callier Chocolate Factory || Cambria Bridget

As you can probably guess, this Friday I went chocolate tasting at the Callier Chocolate Factory in Switzerland and let me tell you this: my chocolate life has been changed forever. 

My life has forever been chocolate changed and normal, American chocolate will never cut it again. 

This weekend is a Swiss Travel Weekend that my school sets up and requires students to only travel within Switzerland because we are going on our school field trip to Portugal next week! (Woo!!!)

On Friday we got up at 8 am and adventured out to catch the 8:50 train from Lausanne to Grueyere. But because trains never work in our luck somehow the train split and the part we were on went to another station then the one we were suppose to be on to go to our final destination in Grueyere. Then we had to take like five trains which took over four hours to get to Broc-Fabrique which is technically only an hour train ride away. But it was wonderful. Because we didn't really have a time plan for everything (as long as we were on the last train out of Grueyere) we played the game Mafia at least fifty times in over a four hour time period and just enjoyed each other's company. 

We finally got to the Callier Chocolate Factory around 1pm and went on possibly the coolest walking tour of the chocolate factory. The show rooms that were just sets smelled like chocolate and the walls looked edible (they were not). 

After we got the tour we got to taste chocolate and I stuffed myself full of about twenty different chocolate flavors to the point where looking at chocolate was painful. 

Callier Chocolate Factory || Cambria Bridget
Callier Chocolate Factory || Cambria Bridget
Callier Chocolate Factory || Cambria Bridget

The chocolate tasting ending and we explored the gift shop where I bought chocolate (lol), postcards, and a tin-box with the Callier logo on it. It's really cute. 

Our train back to Gureyere wasn't until 3:30 so we played on the jungle gym with five year olds and took pictures in front of the chocolate factory. 

Callier Chocolate Factory || Cambria Bridget

Once back in Gureyere we took the bus from the station to the main town centre and walked around the little town. We finally settled for linner (lunch/dinner) at a small resturant that had an amazing view in the back around 4:30pm. It was nice to relax and we were being "those loud Americans"- but it was okay. 

Before our train back out to Lausanne, we explored Gureyere and walked around the fortress walls, which was incredible! 

Callier Chocolate Factory || Cambria Bridget

As we waited for out bus back to the train station we realized that the train we were hoping to catch was the very last one leaving from Gureyere to Bulle (our exchange) and of course the bus was running late so we opted to walk to the train station. However because the bus was suppose to come at 6:48pm and the train left at 6:58pm we had to walk very quickly to get down to the train station. As we were walking the bus drove past us and DID NOT STOP as he basically laughed at us even though nobody else was on the bus. 

With eight minutes left we sprinted down the hill to the train station and got there just as the train was pulling into the station. After that it was smooth sailing and the train ride back to Lausanne really was only an hour. 

Today was fun and relaxing- despite the four mishap- because it wasn't forced and was with great people. I really enjoyed stuffing myself full with chocolate and being a five year old again by climbing on jungle gyms and talking pictures on castle walls. 

If you ever find yourself in Switzerland, make the journey and experience the most amazing chocolate ever. 

Basically everything go through my head at the Callier Chocolate Factory can be summed up in this video. Even though Willy Wonka wasn't singing to us everything else in this video is completely accurate to what we did: