Wrocław, Poland

This past weekend I ventured out to the incredible Wrocław, Poland (which is not pronounced the way it looks).

The weekend consisted on many traveling hours and very little exploration hours- and yet it was wonderful. But in order to fully explain the complexity and the importance of this journey out to Poland I must start at the beginning - Thursday night. 

On Thursday night Olivia and I took the 6:45pm train from Lausanne, Switzerland to Basel, Switzerland (which is a border city to Germany). From there we took the overnight train from Basel to Berlin, Germany. Even though it seemed as nothing had gone wrong with our overnight train as we were just two train stops away from Berlin, an announcement was made that we would no longer be going to Berlin HBF (main station) and had to get off at a random station and hop on another train to take us to Berlin. Thankfully, we had an hour layover in Berlin until our train out to Wrocław. 

Once in Berlin, Olivia and I treated ourselves to delicious Starbucks and blueberry muffins (necessary). Knowing our luck, the 9:41 train from Berlin to Wrocław was delayed by 35 minutes, setting back our goal of being in Wrocław by 2:30pm back. Finally we boarded the old-school train to Poland and our next train adventure began. Throughout our journey to Poland, the train became even more delayed and we finally reached Wrocław around 4pm. We were meeting Olivia's friend, Amanda, who lives in Poland to get her keys to the apartment because we were staying there at 4:30pm. 

Quickly we figured out the tram system to get to Amanda's school and were at the school by 4:30 on the dot and met up with her to get the keys. 

After that Amanda headed back out to class and Olivia and I walked back to her apartment. We got their around 5:15 and crashed for a little bit as we were exhausted from basically not sleeping on the overnight train and waited for Amanda's class to end. 

When she got back, we all headed out to explore Wrocław. She showed us Ryneck, which is the square where all the college students and best, hip restaurants are.

After walking around Ryneck, we headed a few streets away to this electic traditional Polish resturant. Walking into the resturant felt like stepping into a small Polish mountain town and not is a big, modern Polish city. 

I had delicious Polish Pierogies with a think garlic layer. It was amazing. Seriously amazing. I also ate beetsoup which was incredible also. Altogether the meal cost, 23 zt (which is Polish currency and translates to 7 USD!!). 

After dinner we went out get Polish icecream, which had a very distinct, delicious taste. 

All of the Polish food that we ate had a very particular, distinct taste that most definietly would not appeal to everybody because the tastes are so particular, but I loved all of them. It was incredible. 

Around 11:30 we headed back to Amanda's apartment and prepared for the early next morning and our journey to Auschwitz.

The late-afternoon and night we spent in Wrocław was the only time we truly had to experience city life in Poland as we spent all of Saturday at Auschwitz and Sunday traveling back to Lausanne. Although we had planned to spend the late afternoon and evening in Wrocław on Saturday, due to delays and a change of plan, things did not go as planned. 

Although we had a short journey in Wrocław and experience there was incredible and I truly loved the moments I got to explore a modern city in Poland.