Hiking: Dent de Jaman, Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps are notorious for beautiful views, the never ending rolling mountains, and being a major aspect of the Swiss culture. Today, we hiked the Swiss Alps on the trail for Dent de Jaman. 

At 8am sharp, we were up and leaving the house for the Lausanne train station to catch our train to hike the Dent de Jaman. We rode on two trains to reach our starting point and one of them was an electic "chocolate train" that had beautiful seats in one cabin and wineary vibe in another cabin. It was really different, but very cool. The station we got off at to take the hike was not necessarily a station at all. We had to jump off of the train and cross over rail road tracks just to get to the train house.

Before the hike we were told it would be a nice walk with the last twenty minutes as a step climb to the top. I would like to clarify that it is not an easy stroll, but an actual hike. 

Although it was relatively all uphill in high elevation, it was a beautiful hike through the Swiss Alps. 

The beginning of the hike was an uphill climb through a pasture and rolling mountains filled with rocks and cows. It was cold, but the constant upward movement kept our bodies warm. 

After a few hours of pastures and beautiful mountains we reached just below the peak to see this stunning view: 

At 12pm we had made it to our lunch area which was just below the steepest part of the hike. We ate our lunch for an hour then started the trek up the steep mountain for the last twenty minutes. 

It was very steep. We were on our hands and knees are we were climbing up the loose rocks and gravel. 

The view from the peak was unbelievable until the clouds rolled in and we were literally in the middle of a cloud (which I have to admit is pretty dang cool). 

After staring into the cloud hoping to catch a glimpes of the lake that was hidden, we decided to trek back down the steep mountain. We were so engulfed in the cloud that you could hardly see a few switchbacks ahead of you and the rocks were even more loose than before. 

We made it down the hill safely and waited for the rest of the group to join us at back at the lunch area. Afterwards we began our trek back down the mountain on a different route that we had originally taken up. It was a long journey down the mountain that was difficult on the knees, but it was very beautiful. 

From the end of the trail, we took a train back to Lausanne and thus ended our beautiful day hike in the Swiss Alps around 5pm.