Chexbres, Switzerland

Imagine a picturesque place where there are thousands of vineyards rolling along the hills seemingly dropping into the crystal lake below. Picture yourself in such a place. Walking along the vineyard path saying "the view can't get better than this!" and then turning the next corner saying it again. 

Now, look at the picture below. This is what we saw: 

bove is exactly what happened when our class visited a 13th century vineyard in Chexbres Village, Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland. 

We walked along the path from Chexbres Village until St. Saphorin train station all while traveling through the 13th century vineyards. It was so unbelievably beautiful with the rolling green vineyards hills and clear blue waters. 

From kiting with my sorority sister, 

to excitment in the vineyards, 

and beautiful rose gardens, 

the vineyard was an incredible experience. 

After our hike through the vineyard, we walked to Vevey where we experienced art, glace de chocolat et vanille, and swans! 

At the end of the day, we took a ferry from Vevy back to Lausanne-Ouchy. 

The ended in walking back in the rain, but despite not being dressed for the weather I really enjoyed it raining as an end to a great day.