Hola Argentina!

This is surreal. The day is finally here. It is strange that I am finally at this point. It seems like days ago I was submitting my application and signing the papers. But now here we are. Today is the day.

I am officially packed & off to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the next eight weeks!! 


As I begin my third study abroad adventure, I am beyond thrilled and excited to be living in a home stay environment and studying Spanish and Religion. The home stay atmosphere is different from the other two study abroad programs I have done (Florence, Italy and Lausanne, Switzerland) and it will be a new, and exciting experience. 

For the last two years I have been traversing around Europe. Ever since I was little, it has been a dream of mine to visit South America. I am so elated to have this opportunity to begin discovering and learning about new and thriving cultures in the Southern Hemisphere. 

One unique difference between studying abroad in Florence during the Summer between studying abroad in Buenos Aires during the Summer (besides the whole one is in Europe thing) is that because Buenos Aires is in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be WINTER here. I didn't even think about this fact when applying to the program. In Argentina, May, June, and July are the winter months. I guess it really will be SWINTER

So far, I do not have any trips planned or any idea of where I want to travel to exactly, but I know this experience will take me where I am suppose to be. Join me on this journey throughout Argentina and South America for this summer. 

Travel ideas for Argentina & South America would be greatly appreciated. I would love to know where you have been and places you recommend I see. Let me know what places you enjoyed traveling to in the comments section or emailing me at cambriabridgetblog@gmail.com. I am so thrilled to begin this new journey. Thank you so much for joining me and living in love of the world, new cultures, and beautiful adventures.