Hiking: Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Two weeks ago on a random Friday afternoon, four of us ventured out to Liechtenstein to discover the beauty of this small, but stunning principality that is between Switzerland and Austria. 


// GETTING THERE from Switzerland

One of the biggest questions when do research on where to travel is how am I going to get there, how long will it take, and of course: how much will it cost? 

From Lausanne we took a train in the afternoon that went to Zurich (2 hrs) and from Zurich we took a train to Sargons (1 hr), Switzerland. In Sargons, we got on a bus (it is obvious where to go so don't fret!). The bus takes roughly 30 minutes to get to Vaduz while traveling through the beautiful Alps and suddenly finding yourself in Liechtenstein. 

The only way to enter into Liechtenstein is by bus from either the Swiss side or the Austrian side. It is the same bus that runs across the entirety of the country that allows you to get from a train station in Switzerland to a train station in Austria. The bus is extremely helpful, efficient, and cheap. The busses run every thirty minutes and the public transportation (despite there being no trains) is efficient. 

// The Adventure

We left mid afternoon to take the three hour train out to Vaduz, Liechtenstein where we got off in Sargons, Switzerland and took a twenty minute bus to Vaduz (the capitol). There we walked around the small city, got our passports stamped, and of course purchased a few souvenirs (I got a sticker!!). Then we began our hike up one of the Alps to get a view of Liechtenstein. 

As we were hiking up the hills, passing castles, and falling in love with the beautiful mountains around us we noticed a smell. Then we noticed a cigarette. A nasty little bugger. It was on the ground and smoking with tiny baby flames come out of it on the dry leaves. It was not good. So we proceeded to pour a little water on it and it didn't go out. Then one of the girls threw a rock at it. I half expected it to blow up like a movie and we would all fly back against the street. But that didn't happen. Instead the flames got a little bigger and it started smoking even more. So we climbed down to wear the flames were off the trail and dumped the 

entire water bottle on the baby flames. The fire took a little bit to go out but when we left we had saved Liechtenstein. 

So, as you could probably image we then attended a ball in our honor and received illustrious gifts from the Prince- well in our heads that happened at least. And even though we didn't truly save the country, we put out a fire that could have burned down some trees. It just reminds us of the importance of not throwing cigarette's out the window or even smoking in general. 


After our heroic acts, we continued by hiking further up to our destination, experiencing sharp winds and the fear we wouldn't get there by night.


But we did. Do not fear. We bought ourselves some snacks from a local market. Then we took the bus back down the mountain, hung out in a cafรฉ as we waited for our bus back to Sargons and from there back to Lausanne. Although it was a short day trip, Liechtenstein was stunning and I recommend it to those who have time in Europe to venture out to this small country and explore it's beautiful and collaboration of cultures.