Thanks for the FAQs!

I have been so lucky to have recently receiving emails and notes about studying abroad, traveling, and college in general.

Here are just a few of FAQs! I would be happy to answer any questions you have about traveling, studying abroad, languages, college, life, pretty much anything! You can contact me here

Q: What countries have you been to?

A: America, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland, and Vatican City. 

Q: Was the process of applying to study abroad intense?

A: My university has an incredible study abroad program which makes applying super easy! 

Q: What is the hardest part of studying abroad?

A: The hardest part for me is being away from my family and my friends. Sometimes you have to put things on hold (like jobs offers or trips with friends), but then you realize how much of an adventure you are having abroad. I know for each person it is different, but for me it was being away from those who matter most to me. 

Q: Where are you going next?

A: Currently, I am in Washington D.C. I am not studying abroad next year, but hopefully after graduation I'll go on a trip! 

If you have any more questions, I would be happy to answer them! I will be updating this periodically as more questions come up! Thanks!

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