South of France

Each semester while studying abroad our school takes us on a week long field trip somewhere in the world.

Last semester we visited Portugal and now we have just returned from the South of France! 

I absolutely LOVED our trip to the South of France and finally getting back into the sunshine and near the coast.

The entire time while we were on the trip, Ingrid Michaelson's "You & I" played in my head. I highly recommend listening to it while reading//looking at the pictures in this post.

The South of France was fun, beautiful, sunny (yay) and by far one of the most amazing trips. WARNING: tons of pictures of beautiful places that creates wanderlust dreams and the desire for beautiful adventures. 

On Monday morning, we left bright and early around 6:00am and were on the freeway heading towards the Geneva train station to catch our train to Lyon and then onto Marseille, France. 

When we arrived in Marseille, we had lunch and walked around the Old Harbor. Then we ventured up to the Notre Dame del la Gare to see all of Marseille. Our tour bus drove around the coast and we went climbing and exploring around the water. 

On Tuesday, we visited Aix En Provence, which is a french town in Provence that is known for it's lavender. I bought three small little packets of Lavender to make my room smell good! It was a beautiful small town filled with stunning architecture and vibrant streets. 

Then Wednesday, we ventured did a walking tour of Marseille then visited the Mucem (a famous museum in the city). There was a fascinating exhibit called "Food" which exhibits the idea of food in different places throughout the world and how each culture perceives food differently. 

After the museum, we took a boat out Îles de Pomègues, a small island off the coast of Marseille. There we hiked across the island and went swimming in the Mediterranean (even though it was super cold!). That was by far the highlight of my week. 

On Thursday, we explored Arles, France which was home to Vincent Van Gough. It was quite and peaceful while exploring and touring this small French town. The people were extremely friendly and although it was a bit chilly, the sun was shinning and it had a true hidden gem feeling.

After Arles, we headed out to Baux de Provence, which is a city built into a rock fortress. All of the homes and shops are made of stone and granite. 

We ended Thursday in Avignon. On Friday morning we did a morning tour around Avignon where we explored the Pont d'Avignon and toured the Pope's castle (which is now ruins). 

Throughout this entire week, I had an amazing time. With the sunshine, coast, and friends (& not having to stress about school or planning trips) this adventure was by far one of my favorites. I adored the South of France and can not even imagine it's beauty and charisma during the summer time. It is definitely on my list to return to after college!