The other day I was thinking a lot about what makes up someones character.

What defines who we are? The argument goes that your actions define your character and yes I agree. But I also believe that what we say, think, act, and acknowledge when no one else is looking is what truly defines our character. 

When reading about the Law of Attraction in a book called The Bliss List it talks about how your thoughts become your actions and become the world around you. Now, The Bliss List didn't come up with this theory and it actually quite old...but the concepts and ideologies remain. 

One of my favorite boards on Pinterest is my Inspiration board because the quotes, phrases, and words serve as an inspiration of character. It reminds me of the good and bad of life as well as the beautiful and the ugly. Our character is inspired by those around us and by changing other ideas and creating our own. Character is sculpted by what inspires us.

Our character is not solely made up of who we were and who we are now, it is also defined by who we want to be. The goals we have and the path we hope to venture on. Our character is formed through friendships, the opportunities we do and do not take, and the thoughts we think daily. 

Character directly defines us but it also gives us the ability to grow, change, and love even more. So, what will you do with your character?