København, Denmark

A few wonderful (and yet odd) things occurred this weekend. 

1. I flew all the way from Geneva, Switzerland to Copenhagen, Denmark and back without getting my passport checked once. 

2. I had Joe and The Juice four separate times & I regret nothing.

3. We hung out in an anarchist community in Denmark. 

A few weeks ago we had an impulse decision and booked a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark because hey, it was less than 80 dollars and when will I ever be able to go to Copenhagen for less than 80 dollars? NEVER. Honestly it was never on my study abroad "bucket list" or even on my radar for that matter until a few students said they went and loved it & then we found a flight for super cheap. It was honestly such an incredible & great decision. 

We flew into Copenhagen early on Friday morning and walked around the city for a few hours until we could check into our Air BnB. We relaxed there for a few hours before heading out to explore the local area more and eat dinner. The next morning we got up and trained to The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen which is a tribute to Hans Christians The Little Mermaid. 

Then we walked throughout the streets exploring parks and churches. We even accidentally stumbled to the main Old Port and canals. 

After that we walked around until we reached Christiania, an anarchist community in Copenhagen. 

We walked back through Copenhagen to our Air BNB and for the rest of the night watched movies and even ordered burgers in so we could relax. The next morning we were up and moving by 8am and our flight landed got us back to Geneva around 1pm. It was a relaxing, yet busy week filled with tons of walking and great company. I was traveling with a new group of people who I had traveled with one at a time, but never as a whole and it was a blast! Copenhagen was filled with culture, unique architecture, and an experience I never would have expected from this year abroad!