Athens, Greece

Even though we technically did Athens first, I truly explored and saw the majority of Athens, Greece in one day.

For our long weekend (last semester I went to Ireland)  seven of us ventured out to Greece for Spring Break 2015! The first day in Greece was Wednesday where we arrived mid-afternoon and took an hour long bumpy bus ride to our hotel.

Athens, Greece / Cambria Bridget

After the whole housing dilemma and registration for it was canceled due to the crashed website, we headed out to the center of Athens for dinner and to explore a little at night. I had a delicious Greek salad for dinner and we walked around the Acropolis center at night. It was breath taking. I didn't bring my camera at night when we were exploring Wednesday evening, but no imagine could truly capture the magnitude of the Acropolis illuminated at night. You can see what it looks like during the day above^^. 

The next morning we headed out on a ferry to Santorini (stay tuned for post coming soon!). We stayed in Santorini from Thursday to Saturday and arrived back in Athens late Saturday night. Early on Sunday morning, we got up to explore practically all of Athens in one day! We visited the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium, & strolled around the streets trying to see as much of Athens as we could before our flight at 4pm back to Lausanne. 

Although we did so much in only five hours I felt the essence of Athens and the historical energy radiates throughout the entirety of the city. The day was very much a *go go go* situation but I am so glad I got to witness the beauty of Athens with the time I had.