Brussels, Belgium

I can not believe the last weekend of travel while living in Switzerland for eight months has come (and passed) so quickly.

About a month ago we were trying to plan out the semester and I noticed a round trip flight to Brussels, Belgium was only 80 Franks (thank you Easy Jet!), so obviously we booked it! We figured it's the last weekend might as well spend it in the last place I imagined! Brussels was never on my "to do" list or my "bucket list", in fact it was completely off my radar. 

We left super early on Friday, for one final time (3:30 am) and catch our 6:30 flight to Brussels. After a wonderful nap on plane, we took the train (after we figured out where we were trying to go) to a stop near our hotel and walked the twenty minutes from the train depot to it. Unfortunately when we got there around 9:30 am they we had to wait until 3:00pm to check in to our room (which kind of sucks cause all we wanted to do was nap) but they let us drop our stuff off in storage (yay! we didn't have to carry it on our backs!).  

For breakfast we had WAFFLES!!!!! 



It was amazing!!! Then for lunch I had an incredibly delicious caprese sandwich. We explored Brussels for about until 3:00pm when we headed back to the hotel and checked in. After that we all showered and napped until 8pm (we were exhausted!!). After our naps, we found a Chinese restaurant where we met up with some friends who live in Brussels. We went out to drinks and then headed back to our hotel around midnight. 

FACT: our hotel was on the only street where there are prostitutes working the corner in the city. 

The next morning we got up around 10am and went to look for a little cafe to have a small bit of food at. Later, we met up with and got a tour of the city by our friends from Brussels around 1pm. Afterwards, we hada delicious dinner at a family restaurant (think CPK style). Finally, we headed back to the hotel and watched movies while eating chocolate. We had to be up at 4:30 to catch our 6am flight back to Geneva, so we were to bed fairly early. Although we only spent two days in Brussels, it was a blast! It was a very relaxing (and delicious) last travel weekend outside of Switzerland. We had a TON of fun and I am so happy I got to travel there with these amazing girls!!