Lutry, Switzerland

I can't believe the Swiss journey is coming to an end.

After the final, Sarah & I went out to purchase copious amounts of chocolate (I mean it is Switzerland...). A few of us headed to Lutry, which is a small waterfront town just outside the city of Lausanne. We were laying in the grass as the hot (60 degree) sun beamed down on our faces and we were sharing some of favorite stories from the past year in Switzerland. All of a sudden a MASS of people were heading towards us. It was a large group filled with with wonderful people in our program we had been with for the last eight months. 

Once everyone arrived, about 10 of us decided to jump off of the diving board into the glacier water cold lake, because why not? 

We told stories, jumped into the lake, played soccer, got sunburned, and most importantly loved each other. This year has been an experience and I can not believe that it is over. We truly dove into Summer 2015 and I can not wait for what this summer may hold.