Happy One Year

Just a short little re-cap. 

On April 7, 2014 I wrote my first blog post about counting down to study abroad in Florence, Italy and my blog was called Meraki Travels. Later in the year I purchased my domain (eek!) and in my eyes became an officially blogger.  About six weeks later I decided I wanted to expand beyond travel and changed the name of my blog to Cambria Bridget. Once I got to Switzerland to study abroad I tried to update at least once a week with my weekend travels. I started to add travel tips, monthly inspirations, and fashion guides. I started to become limited by the functions of the website builder I was using and over Christmas break made the transition to Squarespace, which I have loved so much more. So here I am now, twelve months later, and writing about the crazy transitions I have made. Granted my site has had a "face-lift" more times than I can count, but I am so happy with where it is today. Since starting to use Google Analytics in August 2014, I have over 24,000 page views and since switching to Squarespace in January there has been over 185,000 pageviews. I know to some bloggers this may seem small, but honestly I am very proud of these accomplishments how my blog as developed. My blog started off small, and although it still is, it is continuously growing- and fast! Two of my most popular blog content have been: How To Handle Money in Europe and 10 Best Study Abroad Tips. The past twelve months have really set the ground work for the future and I look forward to growing and expanding more!

Although there are only 8 more days left in Switzerland and I am excited to see the California sun and beaches (and my family!), I know I will miss Switzerland with it's snow capped mountains and chilly breeze. As this chapter closes (clique analogy, I know) I am excited to be heading off to Buenos Aires, Argentina this summer for May, June, and July!! Thank you to everybody for your support these last twelve months and I look forward to more beautiful adventures with you!