25 de Mayo en Argentina

Hola amigo! 

Life in Argentina is busy, fast, wonderful, and very tiring where I am constantly speaking Spanish.

Last Thursday I volunteered with a Jewish community centre here in Buenos Aires and made sock monkeys for children to receive on children's day here in Argentina in August. It was unique to see not only see a different culture but explore a religion I have never studied before. 

On Friday, a group of us decided that we would explore Buenos Aires by picking a direction, setting an alarm for 12 minutes, and getting off at the sube station nearest the alarm ringing. Our plans were to have no plans. I think sometimes we get caught up in the idea of planning and having everything in order but we forget how to just go with the flow and let life take us where we are suppose to be. The four of us ended up in a residential area where we explored small boutiques, tried local restaurants (yay empanadas), and even found a super high end mall.  

On Saturday, we relaxed at our favorite cafe called MOOI and visited the most beautiful (and one of the largest) bookstores in the world. While at home in America, I had been searching for a map of South America. I went to over 10 different stores and none of them had maps. I guess you could say I had to go to the largest in the world to actually find one (and shockingly there wasn't even a world map!). 

Sunday: We attended a festival to celebrate 25 de Mayo, which is a national holiday in Argentina. The festival was HUGE and was surrounding Plaza de la Republica. We had no idea a festival was even going on until we arrived. Our goal was to see the Plaza, but we stayed for the cotton candy and empanadas.