Igauzu, Argentina

Bug Bite Count: 42

Yes, you read that correctly. Forty-two bug bites. I use to think I was invincible to bug bites but three days in the Argentine jungle and boy have I been proven wrong.

The jungle is the last place I expected to be when planning my adventures in Argentina. This weekend I found myself taking a safari through the jungle, going under one the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and getting soaked, and standing in three countries at one time! In three days I took over 500 pictures of monkeys, rainbows, leaves, waterfalls, and bridges that it only felt appropriate to make this entry a photo journal. 

Igauzu, Argentina is located in the upper part of Argentina on the border of Brasil and Paraguay. The city itself borders all three countries, however the National Forest borders with Brasil. 


On Friday, we landed in Igauzu early, checked into our hostel, and headed over to the National Park to explore. The first day we hiked around the upper & lower waterfalls. It was extremely humid and hot, so for us California girls it was very sticky and we ate DELICIOUS ice-cream after our hikes around the waterfalls. In Igauzu, we saw these funky looking creatures that are a mix between rats, raccoons, and huge squirrels. It was definitely a new experience fending off giant squirrel/raccoons. We experienced monkeys, rainbows, and amazing waterfalls. 

On Saturday, we went on a run and a grand adventure- literally. That morning we jumped in a taxi and headed straight to the national park to be in the gates before people began to arrive. At 8:30, the first train through the park disembarked and we headed to Garganta de Diablo. The second we were allowed off the train, we ran (LITERALLY RAN) from the train through long bridges over water (it felt like Jurassic Park) to be the first people at the waterfall. We wanted to capture the beauty of the water without tourists crowding and enjoy the peace and quiet...well as much as you can with one of the seven largest natural wonders of the world pounding down beside you. There was so much mist coming from waterfall that it was hard to capture a clear image. 

After Garganta, we took the GRAN AVENTURA tour around the park. We went on a safari through the jungle and then took a boat UNDER THE WATERFALLS! WHAT IS LIFE?! 

This weekend was beyond incredible with the clear blue water, warmth, and jungle- not to mention the trip was with amazing friends. It is truly hard to believe I only have 24 days left in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

I would love to know where you suggest I go in Buenos Aires and what you think of my photography. I am working on growing more in photography. All of these photos were shot on a manual mode. Let me know what you think! You can even check out more photography (eek) under the tab in the navigation! BESOS. 



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