Newport Beach & Balboa Island, California

Each style of boat is steered differently. Some boats are light to the touch while others require heavy turning in order to the rotate the boat. This past Sunday we went to one of my favorite places (Newport Beach) and did one of my favorite activities (boating).

We woke up early Sunday morning and drove from Del Mar, where we were at the horse races that Saturday, to Newport Beach Harbor. There, we rented a Duffy boat. Duffy boats are great because they fit a good amount of people, can go fast, are great for going around the marina, easy to steer, and relatively cheap (compared to other boats) to rent.

We were on the water for two hours as we drove around Newport Marina and Balboa Island, we even passed our cousins house on Balboa where we would spend our summers as kids. On the boat we witnessed a seal up close and personal and my dad docked the boat. 

With 80’s classic music blaring from the speakers and surrounded by paddleboarders and other boaters, I was so happy to be driving the boat. Being on the water is extremely relaxing, peaceful, fun, and entertaining (as long as you don’t crash- which didn’t happen to us!)

After we returned the boat after two hours, we headed over to Balboa Island and walked around the main street stopping at Balboa Salt Water Candy factory and Dad’s Balboa Bar (the must-eat places in Balboa!).

Overall the day was peaceful, delicious, and fun as we sat on the water and visited Balboa.