A Few of My Favorite Things


1. FitBit: I never ever leave the house without my FitBit. The only time I take it off is when I am showering or going in water. I have the FitBit HR Charge in dark blue and it goes with everything! One of favorite features is the alarm because in the morning it helps wake me up from the buzzing that vibrates until I wake up! The other is you can connect with your friends on FitBit and do challenges with them! Buzzfeed did an article on obsessing over your FitBit and they are 100% true!!!

2. She Reads TruthPersonally, I struggle with making time to sit and read my Bible. I get swept away with life becoming so busy and don't delegate as much time as I should for God. She Reads Truth is an app I downloaded on my phone and provides Bible verses and reflection questions each day. This way I can read a couple verses before bed each night and reflect on God and the day before I go to bed! 

3. My Camera: Canon EOS Rebel T3i. The sound the camera makes when you take a photo is pure bliss. Although phone cameras are handy and super easy, something about propping up my camera, focusing the lens, and hearing the sound of the shutter capture a moment truly makes carrying it around the city priceless. 

4. The Giving Key: My friend told me about these incredible keys a few years back and last December I received my own. My key says the word: STRENGTH. So what is the Giving Key? The idea is to Pay It Forward. Someone (or yourself) buys a key, which is a refurbished key with a word embedded on to it, and to embody the word's virtues. Then once you have embodied the word, you pay it forward to someone who is need of the word. The best part: the company employs homeless men and women in Los Angeles and helps those aspiring to create a better life for themselves!