My 5 Fav Fitness Tips

I LOVE fitness & wellness! My heart racing from a run or the relaxation in my muscles while doing yoga, fitness is one of my favorite hobbies. As a former Division I athlete, I learned the importance of eating clean and all around fitness. While working at lululemon athletica, I fell even more in love with fitness and wellness, integrating my goals and aspirations into healthy lifestyle. I am so excited announce a new series: Fitness Friday. 

Every Friday, I will be sharing my favorite tips, classes, motivations, and all things fitness.

Life becomes busy quickly. After an exhausting day of school, work, friends/family, & other little responsibilities, hitting the gym is the last thing I want to it. There are five little fit tips I use to motivate myself to get fit and exercise! 


The best way to work out is with a partner; someone to hold you accountable to your actions. Personally I like to pick a work out partner who inspires me and continues you to push me to be the best I can be. You don't necessarily need to work out together but simply talking about your fitness goals will motivate you. 


Wake me up with a cup of coffee and a solid three-mile run and I am going to have a good day! With such busy schedules, finding time and energy to exercise an be exhausting. Get yourself up twenty minutes earlier than you normally would and go run a mile! Think about it: the mile for an average, non-competitive runner is a 10-minutes. By getting up just twenty minutes earlier you can run a mile, shower, and still have time to get ready! Getting up earlier in the morning to complete your workout will help you complete your work out and boost your endorphins for the rest of the day. 


Set attainable goals for yourself. Try to move up in weights, speed, and endurance by setting weekly goals for yourself.  Use that deadlines to set a goal to reach before an exciting event! 


The reason these three exercises are so great is because if you have limited space (especially if you like to workout in private) all you need is enough room for your body. The plank is one of the most popular exercises for both men and women because it works and tones a majority of the body while focusing on tightening the abs. Push-ups also work a majority of the body but focus on arms and back muscles. A squat is an exercise that tones your butt, thighs, and the back of the legs. 

1| RUN

If you had asked a year ago my thoughts on running I would have probably half rolled my eyes and tried to crack a funny joke about how I hate running. Slowly I realized how much more satisfying and rewarding running is. Although it can be boring and is easy to dislike, the average time it will take 20 minutes for you to complete 2 miles. TWENTY-MINUTES. That's nothing. I have most definitely edited an photo for Instagram wayy longer than that.  Running, like with all fitness, takes time. If you aren't a natural runner, adjusting to running won't happen over night. I love running because it is the perfect time for me to clear my head, focus, and enjoy the outdoors!