The Budgeting App You Need

While learning to budget and manage my finances, I found that MINT was the budgeting app I had been looking for! 

Mint transformed the way I budget. It made me face reality on how much I spend while enabling me to take a step back and think about where exactly I want my money to go. As a college student, it's hard to find the balance of spending and looking ahead (#loans). 

I often shift between the idea of "I'm making this money so I can spend it" to "I should save for my future so I can do incredible things later on". Admittingly, when the direct deposit hits my bank account every other Friday, a little internal celebration happens. Why not celebrate being a little richer? 

However, the fear of how much I owe settles in a little later and I'm scared to check my bank account. I have had the minimum $5 in my bank account way more than I would like to admit. Adulthood is stressful. 

Mint helped me face the facts, learn to budget, and stay on track.

At first I was hesitant to input my bank account information into the app but after reading the company's Privacy Statement, Terms and Conditions, AND talking with my bank, I know Mint is safe. 

Looking into the future as a senior, I realize the importance/need to start saving and how great it feels to have more money in my bank account. YAY!

So why do I love Mint? 

It effectively, accurately, and consistently helps me budget better. 

By creating a monthly budget, you can categorize exactly where money goes. Mint allows you to create sub-budgets, breaking down your total monthly budget into categories in order to better organize your money. 

The Budgets I like to use are: 

  • Amusement (Museums, Movies, Concerts, Parks)

  • Alcohol & Bars

  • Books & Supplies

  • Coffee Shops

  • Fast Food

  • Gas & Fuel

  • Groceries

  • Restaurants

  • Shopping

  • Other

These are the primary budgets that work for me! In D.C., I have been using "Public Transportation" rather than "Gas & Fuel". The app helps make these little changes transition smoothly! Plus, I always leave a little extra wiggle room in the "other" category for me to use (#clothes). 

Mint is the budgeting app that transformed the way I spend my money, helps me keep track of money better, and enabled me to save more while still being able to spend on what is truly important to me (delicious food!). 

The best part: You can also access Mint from either your phone or your computer, making budgeting & financial goal setting even available at any platform!