Life Changes

Hi there sweet friends! It’s so good to chat with you again. For those of you who may or may not remember, I started blogging in Summer 2014 as I was gearing up for studying abroad - and I LOVED it. Blogging became easily my favorite creative outlets because I got to share stories of the world, amazing places to travel, and discover/meet new friends from across the globe. I enjoyed finding the cutest coffee shops, sharing my go to travel tips, and creating an authentic community of women who empower each other in the pursuit of personal excellence. My blog was going strong for about 2 years and then, well, life. 

I found myself swamped with academics, extracurriculars, work, and attempting to find a social life in between it all. I had little time to blog and became disconnected from this little space in the internet. Almost two to three times a year since then, my little blog pops into the corner of my mind and I have the urge again - to share stories with you, laugh, and learn just a little bit more about our amazing world while helping young women everywhere feel confident, beautiful, and authentic in their skin. 

Recently, starting up my blog again has been taking up a space in my heart. But to be honest, I was completely nervous to start blogging again. Thoughts running through my head were “what if people think I’m weird?”, “is this even a thing anymore?”, “will I really have enough time for this?”, and so on. 

What I quickly realized was that the reason I loved was because I genuinely enjoyed designing, curating, and sharing these stories and connecting with you all. If my little space has the power to impact just ONE person, then that makes me SO happy! 

The next thing I had to tackle was the idea that I seem never to have time. This is probably true. You could ask any of my friends, and them reading this right now are probably like: “girl, stop. You got a lot going on right now. You need a nap, not a blog” - and they are probably right. But lately I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose and how to capture that authentic, soul on fire feeling everyday. And for me, blogging helps to contribute to that. 

I can’t promise you a post every week and I definitely won’t promise you a post every day, but I do promise to show up authentic, excited, and honest about life. This blog is for us and I want to produce quality pieces for you that light your soul on fire too rather than think about how many, or when, or what I’m posting (although I’m sure that breaks every blogging rule in the book). 

So today, I am showing up and excited to share where life has lead me over the past few years and most importantly, I am excited to share the journey of what life has to offer in the future. We have the power to control our emotions in every second of the day, and therefore, the power to alter our entire future simply by how we show up. How radically liberating is that? 

The last few years I’ve really struggled with this concept - that we are truly in charge of our destiny. Until recently, I was doing what I thought was the “right” thing to do: studying, working hard, being involved, staying active, having a social life, etc. I’m not saying those aren’t right, but not all of them were right for me all at the same time. Striving to understand what is right for me has completed shifted who I am, how I view the world, and how I chose to prioritize in my life. I am far from having it all figured out, and I am imperfect in so many ways - but I strive everyday to bring a little hope, a little happiness, and a little love to every person I meet. 

This time in my life brought about the most radical change. It brought me closer than ever to God, it started my journey of truly striving to set my soul of fire and find passion in my actions, it taught me to say no, and it gave me the greatest relationship in my life. 

After college, I served as an educational leadership consultant where I moved from Southern California to Fairfield, Connecticut. I had the AMAZING opportunity to work with some great gals and literally have a hand in history as we transformed college women lives - and they transformed us. There were some really high highs, and some deep lows; but, each day I learned how I can be a kinder person to myself and to those around me because of these experiences. I had the opportunity to travel around the country doing leadership training, professional development, and conflict management. It was truly incredible to have a hand in empowering young women to strive for personal excellence and watch them grow into such strong leaders.

Now all this time, I have the most rockstar, handsome boyfriend of all time. He is the kindest, most caring, inspiring, God-loving, grace giving, and smartest human I have ever met. 

We dated for over two years before one day we went on a hike and he got down on one knee and asked to spend the rest of our lives together. Honestly, I couldn’t say yes faster!

Life is quickly changing and God is unbelievably good. The same month we got engaged, I spontaneously applied to grad school, started my Masters in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teaching, and began teaching high school social studies. Sweet RPG (that’s his nickname) got accepted to the Navy AND updated his pilot’s license. Things have been just as busy and fast since then. 

Now, RPG is off at training, I’m half way done with grad school, and we are less than 3 months out from the big day (hopefully)!

I am so excited to share our journey with you - the highs, the lows, and the in-between moments that make life so sweet. Thanks for reading a long. I hope you can grab an iced coffee, a comfy blanket, and explore my little space of the world.