We're Getting Married!!!

It is unreal to think that the last FIVE months have flown by since we got engaged! There has been so many amazing, radical life changes! I try to keep the posting to the minimum on social media and avoid being “that girl” buttttt I am so excited to share our little story!


Fall 2013: We were in the same English class, but never really talked. I was friends with RP’s college suite mates but never really knew him. We would occasionally say hi - but time passes and life goes on. 

Fall 2014: I was studying abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland. RP was studying in Heidelberg, Germany. He visited Switzerland with friends and a huge group of us went out to a bar. We started talking and hit it off. RPG went back to Germany and we didn’t see or talk to each other until the Spring where we run into briefly while I was in Germany.

Fall 2015: We were in another class together. I am really bad at math, so RP stepped in to help tutor me. Slowly, we started to develop a crush on each other. RP was going to ask me to his fraternity formal, but I was asked by his friend instead. Oops!

Spring 2016: We remained friends and I started to develop a crush on him again. One day before class, I got called out for flirting with him by a friend, which lead me to realize I really did like him. I confessed my feelings to my best fiend who said she was glad I came to my senses and finally realized haha RP asked me to his fraternity formal and it was a blast! We finally admitted we liked each other and started spending more time together.

May 10, 2016: We officially started dating. YES! #finally

Summer 2016: I was interning in Washington DC and RP was studying abroad in Kosovo. Lot’s of long distance FaceTime and phone calls. 

Fall 2016-Spring 2017: Together finally! Lots of Sunlife, hikes, beach dinners, Chick Fil A, and study seshes at the library. We graduated together in April 2017!


Summer 2017 - April 2018: I moved to Connecticut for a job. RP moved home to Colorado. More long distance FaceTime, phone calls, and fun trips to visit each other. 

May 12, 2018: I moved to Colorado so we could spend time together before RP joined the military.

Summer 2018: Best summer ever where we got to see each other everyday for 3 months. Lots of hiking, running, traveling, and eating yummy foods!

July 14, 2018: RP proposes! I said yes of course!


It was a normal Saturday morning and we had planned to go on a hike. I woke up from one the best sleeps ever to find sweet RP hiking up the hill to my house. I jokingly cat call him from the window where I get a super weird and tense response (that honestly should have been a sign but whatever, I was doing my thing). I let him in and he starts to hurry me out the door. I was still in my PJs and about to persuade him to not go on a hike when he says that we have errands to run afterwards and need to hurry up. I quickly threw on workout shorts, a tank, and a little mascara not caring much about how I looked. We headed out and started towards our usual hiking trail. 

The whole time is he talking about our future together, a typical and normal conversation for our Saturday morning hikes. We reach the green meadow where we typically walk through to get to the trail and he says he wants to go another way. 

Then, sweet RP proceeds to start talking about our wedding and where we would want to do it (again, a normal conversation for us…we are really excited to get married!!). By now, my throat is starting to tense up and I can feel something is up just as we get to the middle of the meadow. He looks at me, gives a quick hug and kiss, and gets down on one knee!!! 

What he said when he asked is top-secret between the two of us, but I couldn’t say yes fast enough. Next thing I know he is putting the most beautiful ring in the world on my finger and the world is spinning around me. 


Then, he looks at me and says “do you see Gray?”
I shake my head in complete confusion. Suddenly, his sister appears from the rocks covered HEAD TO TOE in camo gear waving, smiling, and with a big camera in her hands. Possibly the fastest I’ve ever seen a human move (also 99.99% my time is very distorted because this felt like the fastest and also longest 5 minutes of my life), she makes her way over to us with a big hug. She had captured the whole thing on camera and had been hiding in the rocks for almost an hour. 

The next few hours were blissfully amazing. We met up with family lots of hugs and tears! Then, we called my parents and sister to tell them the big news!

RP and I changed and headed out to brunch to enjoy each others company and spend some time together in complete happiness before starting to tell our friends and heading to a family dinner that night to celebrate!

It was truly such an amazing day and the beginning of our future together. I am so dang excited to marry sweet RP in less than 2 months that I am getting teary eyed just thinking about it.