My First 10K Run

Fitness has always been such an important part of my life. From being a little kiddo running around playing youth soccer to competing in sports during college to now finding time to run. How I have viewed fitness over the last few years has altered and changed so much - what once was a hyper-competitive lifestyle and morphed into a source of happiness and fuel.

Physical exercise can come in so many forms and looks different to so many people. For me, my favorite way to sweat is through running, hiking, and stairs.

I am by no means a super athlete, nor is this a fitness blog, but I love talking about how to integrate an active lifestyle - both physically and mentally. I am constantly amazed at what our bodies can do and how far we can push them - I see this everyday with my friends and with my self. 

Personally, I have a pretty bad knee and hip injury. Enough so that it has limited me from running more than 3 miles without severe pain. It has been something I have struggled with since high school, done multiple therapies for, and even considered surgery. 

Recently, my latest goal has been to complete a 10k. For some, this is an every day thing and I applaud you. For others, this is a huge feat. For me, it’s the latter.

Being limited to run only so far really has hindered my confidence in what I can achieve physically. I would constantly feel as if I were letting myself down because I couldn’t run X number of miles because of the pain. However, the last few months I have worked really hard to strength my knee and lengthen my distance. But with that comes sacrifice -  speed. 

I’ve learned that to go far, I need to slow down, take note of where my body is at, and check in with myself. When I go too fast, I can only go so far and I am limited. There must be a balance.

This is a challenge for me. I want to go far and I want to go fast.  But, it takes time for our bodies to reach our goals. We can’t expect to push our bodies further than we have before and be able to perform again the next day in the same way. We need to recover, to check in, and to recenter. And that’s okay. 

During this time, I was in the midst of wedding planning, teaching 25+ hours per week, and the height of my masters program. Time was limited, but everyday I found a way to squeeze at least 30 minutes, especially on those days where I WAS NOT in the mood. 

The dedication and hard work paid off! A few weeks ago I completed my first 10k!! There was definitely some pain and it was by far not the fastest I could run - but I did it and that’s something to celebrate in. Also, I accidentally ran 2 extra miles because I made a wrong turn and got lost…so, there’s that. 

What this taught me, is that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it. It might not be perfect the first time, or the third, or even the fifth, but sometimes we just have complete it and celebrate the little things. Getting up everyday, training when we are most tired, and staying aligned with ourselves is the best way to radically transform our bodies and mindset. 

My next goal, and although I know it will take some time, is to run a half marathon (13.1 miles). Like I said before, I am not a fitness expert, but I hope you tag along for this journey! 

I also want to share some of my favorite fitness inspirations, from some of the biggest names in fitness to some amazing friends who inspire me everyday:






I hope you can check them out and learn from their wisdom too! I gotta run (literally, it’s my workout time) but I hope you can grab an iced coffee, a comfy blanket, and explore my little space of the world. 

Who are some of your fitness inspirations? What’s your next fitness goal?