A Military Wedding Brain Dump: One Month


This season has been challenging in so many ways. Little did I know the challenges that would occur with planning a military wedding - what it would be like having little to no communication for 2 months and being exactly one month away still without a 100% confirmed date. These past few months I have learned so much about myself, our gracious God, and what is means to show unconditional love. 

There are a lot of challenges and compromises we make for those we love. Our “perfect” wedding vision we had created together transformed into something different, but equally beautiful, than we had hoped for.

To be honest, it took me a few months to adjust to this idea and it was especially hard because he was off at training. As we have gotten closer and closer to the big day the importance of who we are with on this special day means even more to than ever before. We have created a community filled with love, Christ, and laughter - and if we have all three of those aspects present our wedding it will be everything we hoped for.

Wedding planning isn’t easy - and is one of the most emotionally taxing processes. We constantly compare ourselves to others, the images we see on Pinterest, and feel the weight of the expectations others have placed on us, whether implicitly or explicitly. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and other times it is the happiest moments of your life.

Kat Wickstrom Photography  FUN FACT: we took our engagement pictures at the spot where HE proposed!!!

Kat Wickstrom Photography
FUN FACT: we took our engagement pictures at the spot where HE proposed!!!

With one month to go, I look back and think about the times I was stressed or frustrated by the little things, the moments of pure bliss, and the anticipation I have for finally being able to stand next to this man and call him my husband. This process has brought my even closer to my family and helped me to realize how to truly show ourselves, and those around us, grace.

I have learned how I can been a better (future) wife, sister, and daughter through patience and love. This journey has been difficult, but I am so looking forward to walking down the aisle and beginning our life together - whatever crazy adventure that holds next for us.

To say I’m excited to stand next this incredible man and commit ourselves to one another is an understatement. We have grown so much throughout this and I my heart loves him even more each day! We’re almost there!