2019 Goals

Each year instead of resolutions I set goals for myself. Yesterday I realized I hadn’t thought about any 2019 New Years goals because I just didn’t have time. Then it hit me that THAT was my goal - to slow down, take pause, and LIVE in the moment so much more.

For me that means creating time to reset and recharge, reading more, prioritizing mental health and fitness, and learning to say no. It means putting my phone down when I am with a friend and loving the quite moments of sitting together on the couch. It is endlessly loving and connecting with people. Maybe it’ll even mean being better at texting people back (but I make no promises ). But most of all it means creating time to reflect on this beautiful life and slowing down to appreciate all it has to offer.

In order to help me reach my goal of slowing down, here are my action steps:

  • Read at least one book per week

  • Put my phone away 20 minutes before bed to read and pray

  • Attend church at least once a week, and if I miss it re-watch it on my computer

  • Talk more, text less

  • Stop comparing myself to others

  • Cap my to-do list at 10 items per day and accomplish what is most important FIRST.

  • Be okay with the silence and alone time

  • Not being afraid to step outside of my comfort zone

  • Write down 3 things I am most grateful for each day

  • Workout at least 30 minutes each day (from a quick ab workout in the living room to a long hike- just do SOMETHING that gets me moving)

  • Love more authentically and deeply

These are my goals and action steps for 2019! I can’t wait to share how I live these out on a daily basis. What are some of your goals for 2019?