5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

  1. The Navy Teacher originally was based off of my blog Cambria Bridget that I created when I was studying abroad in college. I updated it a few times after studying abroad but really couldn’t find a focus. After (finally) discovering my passion for in life (teaching!) and learning to adapt to a military lifestyle I realized there were so many amazing women out and to create a community that supports each other through authentic experiences and stories! I’m still learning how to be a better educator, a better wife, and ALLLL about the military world; but, I know I am not alone and we are in this together!

  2. I changed my major FIVE times in college. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but in college I wasn’t interested in the education classes so I jumped around from major to major (Education, Media Production, International Relations, Marketing, Sports Administration, etc.) until finally I fell in love. I graduated a B.A. in Political Science, B.A. in Sociology, a Certificate in Conflict Management from Pepperdine School of Law (I thought I was gonna be a lawyer for a hot second), and a bajllion credits in other subjects. By taking max credits every semester and summer, I was able to graduate in four years. Studying all of these subjects taught me how interconnected our world is and how we label people as “math” or “science” and encourage them to pursue college or careers because of money, not passion. I realized through all of this that what I am most passionate about aren’t the jobs that make money or are famous, but the ones that on a micro-level change people’s lives and I feel called to serve others in the way Christ did. This journey led me to where I firmly believe that I am suppose to be ~ a social studies teacher earning my masters in curriculum, instruction, and teaching. I want to help change education for the better and empower students to be cultivators, creators, and critical thinkers.

  3. My husband and I met in at a Canadian bar in Switzerland! We look back at that night and realize how silly we were to not start dating. It took us a whole year and a half until we actually started dating. I always knew he wanted to go into the military, but it was been such a fun (and challenging) experience to adapt to military life together. We are learning to be flexible, excited, realistic, and everything in between together. With him (and the US Navy), life is always a new adventure and I am so excited about that!

4. I think I was secretly built for military life and God was preparing me all along. My whole life I have always loved traveling, exploring new places, pushing my comfort zone, and logistics. I get excited about figuring out solutions and constantly cultivate a life filled with joy. Since 2013, I have moved EIGHT times!!! From California to Italy to Switzerland to Argentina back to California to Washington D.C. to Connecticut and now Colorado. I have learned how to be flexible, but realistic and to pursue my passions each step of the way.

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5. Interior/Graphic design is secretly my favorite hobby. When I was a little girl, and before the world of Pinterest, I would sprawl across the living room floor cutting magazines of kitchens, living rooms, backyards, dining rooms, etc. and creating dream houses with poster boards and tape. I had a doll house that I would “redecorate” every six months by painting the inside walls different colors and re-doing the furniture. The primary spaces in our life tell a story and have the ability to make us feel at home and safe. That’s why, regardless of where we are living, I try to create an environment that embodies our life through clean, comfortable aesthetic and encourages a loving home. This also goes to my classroom too. I believe it’s not my classroom, but OURS. By creating an inviting and welcoming space for all students, we can learn to respect and love each other in this room despite our debates and disagreements. The way to cultivate a room has the ability to alter our mood and space our perspective.