Lucca, Italy

Lots of oil! Yes it was delicious and yes it was on everything....especially my pizza. 

Lucca, a quick 20 minute train ride from Pisa and only 4 euros, was a perfect addition to the day at Pisa. Lucca was a typical Italian town that separates us from the hustle and bustle of Florence. 

Once in Lucca, we headed directly for food. least we tried. 

Lucca, Italy- Cambria Bridget

Out of the station we were faced with large, stone walls that loomed over the station. Unsure exactly where the heart of the town was, we picked a random direction and headed to the nearest restaurant. The second we entered the restaurant/cafe store all eyes were on us Americans and nervously I walked out of the store as Galina laughed at me about how nervous I got. 

Then we decided to head towards the city walls (and followed the other tourists). I'm glad we did, because through the weaving wall path, we finally landed in the town where we ate lunch at a quaint restaurant in the middle of the town square. 

The food was delicious and layered in olive oil. Some parts were too much for my taste and the oil was everywhere. Honestly, I feel as if the oil is still all over my hands as I write this and I have washed them multiple times now. 

After lunch, we explored the town of Lucca. It was the quintensenical Italian town with the architecture and charisma of the culture. After walking around for three hours and purchasing olive oil, we headed back to Florence for an afternoon of shopping and futbol (Italy v Costa Rica). 

Lucca, Italy- Cambria Bridget
Lucca, Italy- Cambria Bridget