These past few days have been filled with hellos and goodbyes, but let me start with the obvious.

HELLO 2015! 

Man am I glad I said that. It is unbelievable that it is already 2015. I feel old saying this, but geez how time flies! Every year around this time there are endless posts about how to "really stick to your New Years resolution" or "2014 in a recap" featuring smiling photos and all the good times. Well, that is not one of these posts - kind of. A lot has been on my mind recently and so has the idea of CHANGE. As the new year started to approach I thought about what I wanted to change in my life- and not just for a few weeks or months but the rest of my life. Something to strive for everyday. A CHANGE. I reflected about the events in 2014 that led me to this. 

 *cue year in review* 

2014 was a year of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. It was a year full of beautiful adventures, difficult decisions, understanding who I am, and discovering who I want to be. It was hard but there were also wonderful aspects of it. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I want and where I want to be recently (I even went to Barnes and Noble and read a few books about finding yourself lol). Later in this post I want to talk about the changes, but first here are the difficulties and wonders of 2014. At times, we skim over the difficulties and allow our lives to be appear perfect- but they aren't. Both the wonders and the difficulties of life help us grow into the person we are meant to be. So with out further a do....

// Some of the difficulties 

- Ending my freshman year realizing that I will not be back for a whole other year & stressing out about studying abroad

- Having no clue what I want to do after college (I changed my major four times last year!)  

- Not connecting the same way with some of my best friends in high school once back from college and studying abroad

- Worried about traveling, money, and the pressures of studying abroad

// Some of the wonders

- Meeting friends who I can trust and love, despite how crazy they drive me at times

- Seeing myself grow from who I was towards a person I want to be  

- New friends that no matter the distance or how often we talk I can not WAIT to see junior year  

- Creating this blog as a source of inspiration, dream, and creative outlet.  

- Falling endlessly in love with Italy during my two months of studying abroad in Summer 2014  

- Exploring Europe and traversing through Northern & Southern Europe during fall semester 2014

- Being accepted to study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for Summer 2015

 - Falling in love with London while visiting during Christmas 2014 (yes-- two weeks ago) 

But my favorite wonder that happened this year was learning who I WANT TO BE and working to make those changes.  

Venice, Italy- Cambria Bridget
Santa Monica, CA- Cambria Bridget


// 2015 

Paris, France- Cambria Bridget

Let me first start with the changes with in this blog. I am so happy to announce the transition from WIX to Squarespace, which I have been working on these past few weeks while traveling from Switzerland to the USA to London to Paris and back off to Switzerland (which has been an amazing winter break!). This transition was not easy at all. In fact it took absolutely forever. I had to individually copy and paste all 50+ posts, pictures, and videos fro WIX to Squarespace because you can't download blog posts from the WIX source the same way as you can from a Wordpress or Blogger source. Yikes! It has been a lot of work and I am still working on the transition, so pardon me if posts are still missing- they are on the way! 

Another big change isn't coming from a huge hair cut (although I did that about 4 months ago!), it is taking each new day and looking at it as a new opportunity and a new day to create a beautiful adventures. Recently I have been complacent about academics, uninspired by leadership, and not driven to to push myself every day- which all are things that make up who I am. But I know that I am different and that I have grown & will not take or look at this changes in the same way as I did before, but now in an open minded open book manner. This change is within. It is striving everyday working hard to bring success in friends, family, love, academics, and leadership. I have set my goals high and don't intend to back down because hard work is success and I have seen this through so many people. 

The final change is within the details. Simply noticing the details. A hair cut. A smile. A huge. A laugh. A tear. A town. A city. A country. Anything. Just noticing the details of its beauty and truly working to appreciate it's uniqueness and learning to find inspiration and love from it all. 

I look forward to 2015 and the new wonders it bring and I hope you will join me on my travels, experiences, and discoveries while creating beautiful adventures.