San Luis Obispo, California

Summmmerrrr is finally  here!! 

My favorite time of year and to kick off this summer I headed to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO) for the week. 

I decided to take the train to SLO because it was cheaper (saved with AAA!) and about the same time leaving from Oxnard. It was a 3 hour train but I got wifi and a wonderful view of the ocean. The California coast is my favorite place because of the tranquility and untouched beauty it holds. 

The week flew by but there were a few memorable stops on the way. Once in SLO, I visited SLO Donuct Company, or affectionately called SLO DOCO by the students and people of San Luis Obispo. As you can imagine it is a donut store, a really good donut store that is open 24/7. 

In this short period of time, I accomplished a lot, but only a few things stuck out to me. 


 Avila Beach

Tanning, hammocking, and walking along the pier highlighted this day because it was relaxing, eventful, and beautiful. We walked to the end of the pier, and climbed down stairs to reach a platform that goes out on to the ocean. The water was freezing but the view was incredible. 


Pirates Cove

Pirates Cove (or PC) is a hike near a nude beach. I say this because we avoided the nude beach and still encountered nudity. It was very interesting. This hike lead to the top of a ridge over looking the Pacific Ocean. It was a extremely beautiful and clear. 


     Thursday Night Farmers Market

Where I am from Farmers Markets are healthy foods for the organic life styled people. This Famers Market was not that, but it was so much fun. The city shuts down around 3 blocks for this event every Thursday night. There are rides, grills, bbqs, food trucks, donuts, candy, etc. Everything you would imagine at a county fair along the streets. The stands just weren't of fruit, but shirts, cotton candy, soaps, and even hand made nutella. It was not what I expected from a Farmers Market, and I love it. My favorite were the peaches! 


I had a blast in SLO and really enjoyed my trip! So excited to be leaving for Italy in two days!!