Sorority Little Crafting Ideas

One of the best decisions I have made in college was joining my sorority.

It brought me some of the most impactful and influential people in my life while teaching me the importance of leadership, education, philanthropy, and love. 

During my junior year, I got to have my very own Little that I could love and spoil. She has made such a powerful impact on my life and I am very excited that she will be in Malibu for my senior year. 

While planning Big/Little week,I searched Pinterest and every possible social media site for crafting/gift ideas to shower my Little with. Here are a few of my favorite super easy crafting ideas I did last year to spoil my Little!!! 

The Craft Basket

I needed a quick, easy way to deliver all the super fun gifts I had either made or purchased for my Little and made a "craft basket" to put it all in! I love making this crate because not only did everything fit together in one basket, but I was able to deliver a bunch a gifts at once. 

I even had my friend in a fraternity have three of his pledges deliver my Little the craft basket one night in front of all of her friends!


Wooden Crate (like this)

Gold Spray Paint (gold is one of our sorority colors & it's so fun to craft with!)

Gold Tissue Paper 

Sand Paper ($1) 

Other gifts & surprises!


1. First, I sanded down the crate (takes about 5 minutes with sand paper) to make sure the crate was smooth before I sprayed it. 

2. Second, I went outside and sprayed the box gold. I did this step multiple times to make sure it was completely covered and sprayed over the course of a few hours while I finished the rest of the crafting inside. 

3. Finally, I added tissue paper once the crate was dry to add volume & color to the crate before adding all the Little gifts and crafts I made for her! 


The Paddle

My Little is very sratty and I knew that not only did I want to make a paddle, but she would LOVE one to match her Lily Pulitzer room! 

Using the same spray paint as I used on the basket, I purchased a paddle (roughly $5) from the crafting store and sprayed it down. Then I found some designs (like these). Using a Glue gun & flowers I placed the flowers on it. 

Then, I wrote her name in Sharpie under "Little" and left my name blank under "Big", which I later filled in for her! 


Greek Letters

Getting your own set of greek letters to hang on your wall is an essential part of becoming a new member in a sorority.

I purchased the three letters for my sorority from the crafting store (about $1 each) in white and used the extra flowers & hot glue from the paddle on the flowers! It was super easy and quick, taking only 5 minutes to make and look great! 



I opted to use two small canvas gifts for my Little. She is from Texas and our colors are black and gold so I decided to combine the two! I used paint I had around the house and made the Texas flag with our sorority colors. Then, I added a some sparkles along with it! 

I also made one with the Kate Spade logo saying "Theta" in the font and adding sparkles along with it too! 


Door Sign

For $1, I bought a circle "door sign" that I painted pink (her favorite color!!), added some extra flowers, and wrote her name on it!

It was a fun gift she can hang on her door or above her bed just so she knows I'm always thinking of her! 

Around the house

During one of our formals a few years back, I received extra party favor cups. I put a couple of the cups in the basket, added a bow around them, stuffed it with gold issue paper, and put a few stickers from The Social Life inside. 

I also threw a pair of extra sunglasses with our sorority letters on them I had laying around the house. 

Using supplies and gifts from over the years made it an easy way to add small gifts to the basket without spending money! 


My favorite.

For $1 I bought a cute mason jar and a latch cup. In the latch cup I put one of her favorite candies, Sour Patch Watermelon and wrote: "For Sweet Memories" on the chalkboard exterior. Then, inside of the mason jar I put candy corn while wrapping a pink bow around it. 

Not only was it sweet & delicious, but also added some flavor to the gift! 


I wanted to give my Little shirts, but I didn't want to spend too much money on them.

First, I went through all of my greek shirts and thought to my self: "Do I actually wear this? Will I miss it?"

If the answer was no, I put it in my "Little" pile.

Then, I decided if it was cute enough to pass long to her! Through this process I was able to give her 4 shirts without spending any money!!!

Little Gifts

To throw some more small gifts in the basket, I headed over to my favorite greek site, The Social Life.

From there, I ordered cute hair ties, just like these (and got myself a pair too!). 

Then I purchased a cute graphic for her wall to give her on another day! I got her this one!

The Reveal

To wear to the actual Big/Little Reveal, I told her to wear a white v-neck, jean shorts, white, converse, and matching hats I got us from The Social Life, similar to this one!

Not only was it a super easy Big/Little reveal outfit, but now we have super adorable matching hats that we can wear all the time!



 A little SWEET surprise

 One day, I dropped a bag off at her dorm room with love notes, a delicious treat, and a fun graphic. 

The graphic: I purchased her a graphic from TSL (this one!) that said: Donut Worry, Be Happy!

The treat: I added a box of donut holes from the grocery store to go along with the graphic. 

The wrapping: I put it all in a pink Victoria Secret bag and dropped it off at her dorm when she wasn't home!

Little ๐Ÿ’• stop by your room for a SWEET surprise!!!

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Chapter Treats

I started out Big/Little week by having her receive a delicious Red Velvet cupcake from Sprinkles with a note from me explaining how excited I was to have her as my Little.

Make a social media account just for her!

The first thing I did to begin Big/Little week was create an Instagram dedicated completely to my Little just so she knew I was thinking of her! I tried to post a few times during the week with surprises for her! 

Tip: Create the Instagram early on before others have a chance too! It helps you stand out. Ask your New Member Coordinator to post on your chapter's Facebook page to go follow the page (that way you remain anonymous & she know you made her an Instagram!)


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I absolutely love to spoil my Little and can't wait to see/help her surprise her own Little! She's been an amazing friend & I can't imagine last year without her. I am so excited to see what is in store for us as a greek family this year! 




p.s. I'm sorry I'm so bad at texting. I still love you & am proud of you. 



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