Visa: Switzerland Application

Visa Applications can be exciting and tricky at the same time.

When I was applying for my Visa to Switzerland, there were a few tips I wish I knew on my side of the deal. The Swiss Consulate website is very helpful and clear in regards to the subject matter. 

Here are the Top 5 Things I suggest you do while Applying for a Switzerland Visa: 

5. The To-Do List

I love to make to do lists. The Visa Application gives a detailed explicit list of what is required in order to even submit the visa. However, the list doesn't include things I personally need to do such a take visa pictures, etc. 

4. Deligate Jobs

I am fortunate to have my parents help in completing this application, so I made a list of things I needed to accomplish and what my parents are offering help to help me with. It was very efficent because I knew what I personally I had to accomplish and what my parents were going to help me complete.

3. Order

Personally, I found it very helpful to have everything that it needed to be completed. For example, I needed to take the four passport photos before they could be placed in my packet. 

2. Letters 

In regards to writing the letters, make sure have someone revise them and make it as clear as possible so there is no confusion what you are saying.  


1. Copies

Before even beginning to have all the items that need to be copied laid out that way you are not searching for the resources you need and trying to figure out what you have or have not completed. This way you are done and have all of the materials but just need to spend 20 minutes copying and printing the correct amounts for everything. By doing this, once you copy everything your entire packet is complete!

The Swiss website is very helpful and very informative. These are the exterior steps that I used aside from the website to help me organize myself while applying and made the process even easier. Hope this helps!!!